Friday, 31 May 2013


This is one of my latest discoveries and one of my favourite ones as well. Apparently other people agree with me as well since it was voted the 12th best website to save money by The Times.

SalesGossip is a website that notifies you when your favourite shops have a sale, or even a sample sale event - kind of like your new best friend in shopping who never fails to point you to the right direction when in need of a good shopping therapy session.

Just to give you a taste, let's say you like Hermes (and I sincerely hope you do), get down to Molton Lane on 14-15 of June for an up to 80% sample sale!

What about Alexander Mcqueen? Jenny Packham? Linda Farrow? SalesGossip gives you all the information you need - date, time and place and off you go!

Even if you're a guy, SalesGossip also has something for you, like that Brown's sample sale down on South Molton Lane with men's clothes only and a range of brands from Alexander Wang to Vivienne Westwood. By the way, this event is today, so if you're interested register on SG and run.

However, if you can't attend these events, as they only go on for a couple of days, SG will also let you know when your favourite high street shops are having a sale.

You like Gap? They have a 50% off on their logo-emblazoned products.
What about that party dress from Whistles? They have a 70% off in-store and online.
La Perla lingerie anyone? Save yourself up to 50%.

If you're not a complete convert by now, I don't know what else to tell you. Otherwise, enjoy!

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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Jack Wills - Fabulously British in Chichester

Jack Wills needs no introduction. It's one of my favourite brands, preppy and elegant, almost like a young, British Tommy Hilfiger. However, I wasn't planning on posting about JW since it is already well known, and I wouldn't be able to offer something new to my valued readers.

This was before I stumbled upon their incredibly cute store in Chichester on North Street. I'll let the pictures do the talking:

Do I hear Summer coming?

Do I hear Summer coming? 2

The boy immediately spotted the Macs at the back of the mannequin and was particularly excited.

oh the stripes!!

Giving 'Fitting Room' a whole new meaning

While on the topic of Jack Wills, they also sell the African beaded bracelet below, of which 100% of profits go to the Malaria No More charity. They cost a mere £5 and they can really make a difference; malaria although preventable, kills a child every 45 seconds - that's less than the time it took you to read through this post!

If you're excited as much as I am for Jack Wills clothes, I highly recommend a trip down to your local store since they also have seasonal reductions going on at the moment, and if you're a student don't forget you also get 15% off!


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