Thursday, 30 May 2013

Jack Wills - Fabulously British in Chichester

Jack Wills needs no introduction. It's one of my favourite brands, preppy and elegant, almost like a young, British Tommy Hilfiger. However, I wasn't planning on posting about JW since it is already well known, and I wouldn't be able to offer something new to my valued readers.

This was before I stumbled upon their incredibly cute store in Chichester on North Street. I'll let the pictures do the talking:

Do I hear Summer coming?

Do I hear Summer coming? 2

The boy immediately spotted the Macs at the back of the mannequin and was particularly excited.

oh the stripes!!

Giving 'Fitting Room' a whole new meaning

While on the topic of Jack Wills, they also sell the African beaded bracelet below, of which 100% of profits go to the Malaria No More charity. They cost a mere £5 and they can really make a difference; malaria although preventable, kills a child every 45 seconds - that's less than the time it took you to read through this post!

If you're excited as much as I am for Jack Wills clothes, I highly recommend a trip down to your local store since they also have seasonal reductions going on at the moment, and if you're a student don't forget you also get 15% off!

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