Sunday, 7 July 2013

Sugar Mill

This post for the ladies who crave something special and for the gentlemen who need to get something special for their lady friends.

It's about Sugar Mill, probably my favourite jewellery store in the whole wide world.

Penelope is the proud (and stylish) owner of Sugar Mill, and features both her own designs but also offers unique pieces from other, carefully selected, designers.

I could obviously go on and on about how great her pieces are, or I could just show you.


A personal favourite - cross with emeralds

modelled by the lovely Penelope

Wedding bells!

If you like the last three photographs, they are by one of my favourite Greek designers, Margarita Meitani, whose signature style involves song lyrics, lines from poems or love words hand-engraved directly onto the metal. Don't be fooled by the calligraphy, the words are either in Greek or English, nothing to do with Arabic or Sanskrit!

one of Penelope's favourites-earrings made from rosegold using a technique originating
from Ancient Cyprus.

Please don't be intimidated by the designs, there's something for every budget: prices start at 12euros, but if you're feeling luxurious feel free to spoil yourself (or a special someone) with rubies, emeralds or black diamonds.

If you're a guy looking for something special for your lady friend and you think you'll be hopeless in picking something, don't hesitate to ask for Penelope's help. She knows a thing or two about helping you find a piece of jewelry that's truly special.
Find Sugar Mill on Facebook, and at 31C Ifigenias Street, Nicosia, or call Penelope at 22510047.

PS: Like all great things, imitations of Penelope's work do lurk around. Although designs may be similar, not only is the quality is far inferior but it also goes to show how little pride some designers take in their work, that they have to copy other people's pieces. You know who you are.

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