Sunday, 21 July 2013

The Paphos Chronicles - Part 2

After visiting Sterna in Part 1, we couldn't stop ourselves; we had to visit more wineries.

Our next stop was Vasilikon, also in Kathikas. Nestled between the vineyards, there were road labels to guide us through the (winding) road to the new winery, which is still under construction, a bit like their website.

However, once we got there it was another story. The place was enormous. Although they were still in the middle of moving from their old premises, I managed to take a few shots just to give you a feel.

With a yearly turnout of around 400 000 bottles of wine, things were a bit more industrialized than traditional Sterna:

They make a lot of wine.

A lot I tell you!

Still not convinced?

I told you so!

If you've never heard of K&K winery before (founded by brothers Eracles and Yiannis Kyriakides), I bet you've heard of two of their most famous wines, the red 'Ayios Onoufrios' and their white 'Vasilikon', which they started producing in 1993. 

They've came a long way since then, instroducing their 'Methy' wine in 1999 using Cabernet Sauvignon, and last year their rose 'Enaleia' using half Maratheftiko, half Shiraz. However, with two prestigious bronze Decanter awards under their belt (for their Ayios Onoufrios 2010 and their Methy 1999), the Kyriakides brothers plan on enriching their production further by introducing a sweet wine to their customers. 
After all, people have proved their support: their current wines can be found in most wine lists across Cyprus. 

The Entaleia we sampled certainly did not disappoint.

Regarding the winery as a space, we'll be returning next year. Mr. Kyriakides informed us that the new premises will include (among others) an elegant wine bar with a view of the vineyards, a conference room and a space specially designated for social events. Like with all great things to be, expect a post.

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