Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Sandy Brour

Imagine going to a really small and intimate concert; so small that there's no need for fancy equipment or even microphones. Just the four members of the band sitting around a table and doing what they do best.

This is how Sandy Brour roll.

I managed to go to their latest event at Kafeneio 11 (Peiraios 27 in Nicosia, just opposite Erodos), and I can assure you that it was a very nice (and much-needed) break from the hustle and bustle of the day.
You just grab a beer (or a glass wine, or a zivania, or even a mastic liquer shot if that's your thing), lean back and enjoy Efthymia's caramel voice filling the air with Costas, Memnon and Charitini playing the guitar and the violin.

It goes without saying that we also had to accompany our drinks (or anything) with little plates of delicacies available at Kafeneio 11. If you're ever there order the lentils dish, you'll be thanking me.

The crowd was small but seemed to know what to expect; and they got it judging from their reactions. Obviously as the alcohol was flowing, people started getting more and more excited and singing along to the tunes.

Some of us became more excited than others...

If you like a bit of jazz and a bit of swing with a dose of bossa nova, I say you give them a try. Follow them on Facebook, and keep your eyes open for any events they post on Facebook, as the location they appear varies.

Just to give you a taste - turn on your speakers and hit play.

PS: Charitini also has a personal album! Download here for free.

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