Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Billy's Baked Potato - South Kensington

To be honest, for the last two years I was a bit hesitant to eat at BBP. Call me a snob, but I wasn't too sure I wanted to eat at a place called 'Baked Potato'. Nevertheless, as D and L were in town, we decided to give it a try. The Boy had been there many times before and he kept talking about it, so we went there quite optimistic.

(spot the Cyprus flag!)

Before reading further, dear reader, I must warn you that this restaurant is for serious carnivores.
The food is all about meat (with a few salads and seafood here and there) and the portions are quite generous, so go hungry or go home!

We (humbly) started with nachos:

We continued with one of these beasts each: half a rack of ribs and quarter of a chicken, both smothered in rich barbecue sauce with thick-cut chips.

Let's have another closer look:

We were four happy piggies.

Soon after we were left with four pairs of sticky fingers, BBQ sauce on our cheeks and this:

The boy gave up. He didn't take it too well.

However, this visit was not as good as we had hoped for. My ribs were a bit on the dry, overcooked side (although the other ones were fine), and a couple of the waitresses need to seriously lose the attitude.

Nevertheless, don't let this deter you from giving BBP a try, just remember to go hungry or you'll be left with a defeated look on your face resembling the Boy above.

You'll find them here: a stone's throw from the South Kensington tube, and you can check out the menu here.

PS: If you're a student at Imperial College by any chance, don't forget you get a 10% discount.
PPS: After a request from the Boy, I have to clarify that he did eat all of his own food, he just failed to eat whatever the rest of us couldn't eat because we were so incredibly stuffed. Thus, strictly speaking, he was not defeated.

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