Friday, 28 June 2013

Zen and The Dress

Meet my sister, Ioanna.

Ioanna has just graduated from high school, and like all girls her age, she knew her prom would be probably the most glamorous event of her final school year. Or of any of her years in academia - trust me, no one puts that much effort into university graduations.

This is Ioanna at her prom.

Every girl knows that the dress she wears at her only high school prom can make or break her night, and this dress certainly did not disappoint.

Meet Zen, the creator of the dress (please take note of the definite article).

Zen studied Fashion Design at Central Saint Martin's, the Harvard of the fashion world, has several years of experience both in London and Cyprus and counts some of the most well-known names of the island as his clients.
You could safely argue he knows a thing or two about fashion.
Ioanna was of the same opinion, so she trusted him with her beloved dress. As I was in the UK during fittings, I decided to tag along on the afternoon on the day of the prom for the last fitting so I could finally see the dress in the flesh.

I suppose this is how designers' flats look like.
He's also a freelance make up artist with a very extensive arsenal:

Ioanna was excited:

And that's when Zen proved he was worth his salt as a make up artist:

And here's me while I was waiting for the final result:


Of course the most important thing was the dress. Here's the real TADA!!

A few last tweaks:

And the thigh-high cut a la Angelina:

If you like what you see, Zen does a bit of everything regarding fashion and style: fashion designing (although he has no interest in starting his own collection), styling, make up, image consulting, even wedding planning!

If you're attending a special event or your wardrobe needs a little pick-me-up, I highly recommend him. He has the skills, the knowledge and he can make you laugh; what else could you need?

You can contact him through Facebook.

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