Friday, 7 June 2013

Street Feast

Imagine it's Friday afternoon, and you have just left work. How do you start your weekend? You could go home and rest, or you could head to Street Feast.
Personally, I would go for the latter.

Street Feast brings together the best street food out there, fits them all together in the Merchand Yard in Haggerston, and here you have a weekly mini food festival with lots of food and lots of beer.

As you can understand I was thrilled about the concept, and last week the boy and I jumped to the chance to check it out and have some of our favourite Ribman ribs (if you haven't tried them, you haven't lived!).

We arrived at around 7ish and there were people there, lots and lots of people, and also lots of food. The atmosphere was great; lively with people who clearly appreciated food. We queued for the Ribman. See that black tent dooooowwwn there?
That's the Ribman, who as you can probably guess, is kind of a rockstar within the London street food scene. We were at the end of that line.

The boy was going to try THE ribs for the first time, so when he did manage to get his food, he kept asking me why all these people were staring at him and his roll.
I smiled and told him to take a bite.
He did, and then he knew exactly why people were staring.

I opted for the gyoza from the lovely people at Rainbo, which did not let me down at all: delicious chicken and tofu gyoza with a crunchy salad and steamed edamame.

Unfortunately I didn't manage to take as many photos as I would like, mainly because it was quite crowded and I couldn't get a clear shot. However, there's something to please anyone's tastebuds. Street food heroes such as the Big Apple Hot Dogs, Sorbitium, Bhangra Burger, Yum Bun, Mother Flipper, Kimchi Cult and the Bowler, to name a few, are regulars there and do their best to feed the hungry crowds.

you doughnut!

This is not all! Tweat Up which organizes Street Feast, also organizes a series of events on Saturdays, all food-themed of course! Past events include Taco Wars, a Craft Beer Battle and a BBQ & Keg Party. If these make your mouth water, head there tomorrow for the Barn Party of talented Gizzi Erskine, Ginstock on the 15th of June, and Ribstock on the 22nd.

PS: Head there early, to avoid disappointment - the doors open at 5 and last Friday the Ribman sold out before 9! Also, queues tend to form outside.
PS2: Don't be intimidated by the crowds, you're all there to have a great time! If you're stuck in a queue, make sure you have with you a beer and/or a friend to keep you company.
PS3: Street Feast will run in Merchand Yard for another four weeks only, so go while you can!

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