Monday, 3 June 2013


I recently had the chance to try the latest hype of the tea world - bubble teas. How can you resist something that has 'bubbles' in it?! The 'bubbles' are in fact chewy tapioca balls or pearls, and the actual teas are either fruit-flavoured or milk teas, or sometimes both!

Anyway, last week the boy and I decided to give bubble tea a try. We went down to Bubbleology at South Kensington (they also have branches in Soho, Notting Hill, Knightsbridge and Westfield Stratford), and queued. And waited and waited for the first available bubbleologist (their words!) to take our order.

It's all very scientific!

Nevertheless, after about ten minutes we did manage to order. Although there was quite a selection of drinks, I opted for what I thought was the most exciting one: bannoffee pie! Yes, dessert in a plastic cup. 
The boy went for the rose milk. I don't say this often, but they tasted exactly as the should! In mine I could taste the banana and the caramel, and even a hint of crust, although I'm not sure where that came from. All the while, the boy reminisced about his childhood, since for anyone growing up in Cyprus in the 1990s, rose milk was a staple part of their diet!

Overall, I think you should give them a try, it would be a quirky change from your usual (and let's face it - boring) Starbucks, and you never know, this might even be your new addiction (in this case, you could get also get a loyalty card).

You'll find them here, but they also deliver in a number of post codes. For more updates find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Bonus: they work with the Drop4Drop charity, and with every regular drink sold they aim to supply at least 20 litres of clean, drinking water in developing countries.

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