Thursday, 15 December 2011

Why I love Farmers' Markets

- The variety is huge! (It is the only place I can get my favourite yellow plum tomatoes)
- They are sourced locally, thus the chances of them being fresh are much higher. Plus, I don't think they bother putting the tomatoes in the fridge and then taking them out to sell them.
- I support the local farmers rather than national supermarket chains - I don't think I have to elaborate on that one do I?
- You can pick your own fruit and vegetables since most of the time they are sold loose. Yes, you can do that at some supermarkets as well, but I prefer the farmers' market!
- They are cheaper than the supermarket (last week I bought a bunch of fresh organic spinach to use in my spinach canelloni. It was 50p. And I also got a punnet of blueberries for 80p. And a 400g packet of cranberries for a pound. Take that Sainsbury's).
- The difference in taste is ENORMOUS- particularly if you are eating them raw, e.g. in a salad.
- The guys behind the bench always smile - and I inevitably smile back! :)

The only downside up until now is that the vegetables usually need a very good washing before eating raw or cooking them. But really, is there any competition?


  1. I love farmers markets especially the asian or caribbean ones you always find really interesting fruit/veg you never heard of! also you can get special veg/fruit wash from health good stores if you are worried about it not being properly clean

  2. I love them too! We have them here and I so prefer them to a supermarket. Excellent post!

  3. I looove farmer's marekts, but there's so little to choose from this time of year in New England.:( I'll have to wait until spring rolls around again.



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