Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Wellies debate

I've never liked Wellington boots. I thought they were far from being even remotely elegant or gracious or tasteful.

Then I moved to the UK. Northern UK to be more precise, with all the nice (or not) things this entails: rain, puddles everywhere, rain, lots of mud, rain. Two years of refusing to wear wellies and several damaged shoes later, I decided I had to be practical. Luckily for me, at the time I decided to go on with Mission Wellingtons, wellies had been in the fashion scene for some time, and apparently they also came out in modern and stylish designs. I bought mine last week. They are bright, they are modern, and they can be cleaned unbelievably easily!

Oh the joy of not ruining my Uggs!


  1. great boots!! thanks also so for your lovely comment and for following me!! followed you back..

  2. Thank you for your visit at our blog and for the following.
    I believed the same for wellies but like you, I've changed my mind when I was living in Edinburgh for 1,5 year!
    The color of your new wellies one of my favorite <3

  3. thanks! they prove to be much more practical than I thought :)



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