Monday, 1 July 2013

Universally Useful Roasted Pepper Sauce

This recipe was inspired by a recipe in Nigella Express - a cookbook I very highly recommend, even for the kitchen novice - and is quite literally universally useful, not to mention a successful crowd-pleaser.
I use it to add a bit of a kick on some roast chicken (Nando's style), bring to life some steamed vegetables or serve it simply as a dip for tortilla-chip drowning. Sky's the limit with this baby, and what's more the recipe is adaptable to suit your taste and the ingredients available in your fridge.

To make magic happen you'll need:
the roasted peppers from a 290g jar - pick them out with a fork to keep some of the oil but don't throw away the oil remaining in the jar
a small bunch of parsley or coriander - whatever floats your boat
1-2 spring onions
a couple of garlic cloves
1-2 red chillies, or more if you're feeling adventurous
the zest and juice of half a lemon
salt & pepper (always freshly ground)

This is really a two step recipe. Roughly chop everything and put them in a bowl (or a blender) apart from the saved oil from the peppers.

Start blitzing with a hand-held blender if you're following the bowl method like I am, or simply turn on the blender. At first it will form a very rough paste - add some of the oil from the pepper jar as you're blitzing to help the dip emulsify. Don't add too much too fast though. Slowly add as much oil as you think you need to get the consistency and texture you prefer. Taste and season accordingly.

If you get something along the lines of this, you're onto a winner:

It's fresh, it's punchy and the chillies add that little tingle on your tastebuds. It also tastes miles better than any of the bottled stuff, and it will take you less time to make this than walk/drive to the supermarket.

I like mine with chips.

How do you take yours?


  1. Πολύ γευσάτη φαίνεται!

    1. Είναι! Πρέπει να την δοκιμάσεις :)



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