Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Petradaki - Paphos

I see I haven't been doing many restaurant reviews lately, so here's one to perk you up!

We visited Petradaki (literally translating to 'little stone') during our visit in Paphos for some authentic Cypriot cuisine - the kind we are deprived of in the UK.

We were not disappointed. The atmosphere was what it should be: traditionally family-owned, a tiny bit tacky and with a scenic view of the mountains.

We ordered the traditional mezedes (the Cypriot version of tapas), so we could try out a bit of everything.

So we naturally started with the traditional Greek salad:

I appreciate tidiness and organization. That's why I appreciated the presentation of this:

Now, this may sound weird, but I loved the pitta bread that came with the dips above; it was traditional Paphos pitta bread, which is much softer and doughier than ordinary pitta. In fact it's this much doughier.

Oh, it's the small things in life.

Next, it was grilled halloumi and lountza with mushrooms and halloumi-filled ravioli, both deep-fried.

Now, these two were a bit of a surprise. You see, they were vegetarian, which is neither too common, nor very traditional in Cyprus. Also, it takes a hell of a cook to make something vegetarian taste as good as its meat-based equivalent or even better.

You could take my word that they were very very very good, or you could take the Boy's word who is a proper carnivore, and I believe his words were 'ah-mazing'.

Similarly, this was the case with the spinach and mushroom canneloni. Not traditional, but ingredients were fresh (I know I don't have a picture showing them, so you'll have to trust me), and a real treat to the tastebuds. I should point out here that the canelloni were made with homemade crepes to roll in the filling - not that ready made stuff you buy from the supermarket.

Then, there was the meat. Moist, with just the right degree of chariness, but I'm not sure how I feel about just one sheftalia each.

Bulgur wheat traditionally cooked in tomato sauce:

Aaand grilled chicken and pork ribs. Although I found the chicken a tad dry, they were both still delicious.

Last but not least, there was the dessert; traditional deep-fried bourekia with an anari and cinnamon filling. For which I don't have a photo. They were gone. Too. Fast.

Now, is Petradaki the best tavern I've ever been to? No, although they make some of the best vegetarian food I've ever tasted on Cypriot soil.
Should you visit if you're in the area? You certainly, certainly should.

You'll find them at Kato Vrysi Rd, 45, Kathikas, or call them on 26814191.

PS: If you've got an appetite the size of a black hole, you could consider their Sunday lunch buffet, with all-you-can eat Cyprus delicacies at 15.50Euros pp. Making a reservation is strongly advised.

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