Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Nomadic Sandals

You know how some people have several pairs of sandals to go through the summer?

I'm not one of them. Every year I usually buy one pair of sandals to get me through the thick and thin of summer. They need to be comfortable (I'm going to be wearing them all day anyway), they need to be pretty (life's too short to wear ugly shoes) and they need to be durable (see above).

This year I hit the jackpot with these babies.

They are ridiculously comfortable, they are pretty and I can wear them from dawn (matter of speech) till dusk because they are so incredibly light.
I was introduced to them by a fellow lover of comfort who I'm quite sure is allergic to heels, so I took her word for it when she said they were comfortable. And machine washable. She warned me they were addictive - after all she owns five (!) pairs.

I got them from their shop off Onasagorou Street in the old city of Nicosia, and I was taken aback from the range they had available; it was obvious it was going to take me some time to decide.

Apart from the obvious advantage of comfort, the shoes are quite special on their own. They are hand-crafted (by actual, real hands that this) and any scraps left behind when making them are recycled and reused into making art, including bags, belts and bottle carriers like these:

If you're heading down to their store, I recommend taking a look at the other cool stuff they have as well. Like their range of fairtrade clothes made from organic cotton:

Or these little guys. I think I'll call them Tom, Rob and Croc.

And of course other interesting bits and pieces:

Even the carrier bags are environmentally friendly!

I think I'll be back for another pair. The lady there assured me no one is satisfied with just one pair - everyone comes back for more - and I don't think I'm going to be an exception.

You'll find them on Facebook here, and the store on 6, Sofokleous Street (off Onasagorou Street), Nicosia. Just look for the bright-coloured sandals outside. Failing that, call them on 22680858.

PS: This week they are bringing out their Blue Planet eyewear range; they are made of bamboo, the frames are recyclable and the metals and dyes are all lead and nickel-free. Plus, for every pair of glasses bought, another pair will be donated to help restore the sight of someone in need. And they're cool. Check out their Facebook group for pictures if you're not convinced.


  1. Thank you very very much

    1. always happy to spread the word about a product this good :)



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