Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Real Burger Kitchen - Chichester

RBK is one of those places you wish you had gone sooner. Although it's easy to miss it (the entrance is so small), trust me, when you do go, you'll keep going back there.

So follow me upstairs:

The place is small, but cosy and bright - just what you want from a proper burger place.

The burgers were great too:

I highly recommend the Old Smokey (pictured): prime Scottish beef, bacon, melted cheese, tomato, red onion, lettuce and mayo. Just like burgers are meant to be.

If you're into something less conventional, however, I also like the Mexican (unfortunately not pictured - it was eaten up far too quickly): the best guacamole with jalapenos, tomato, lettuce, red onion and mayo.

The onion rings were also good - big  and crispy - although a tad oily for my taste:

And of course, the milkshakes. Thick and delicious - they are a reason on their own to visit RBK.

Now, apart from the food, at RBK they sell some pretty good sauces, which I browsed while happily slurping my vanilla milkshake:

After much consideration I decided to get the blue cheese mayo by the award winning Sussex Valley, which I also recommend:

Finally, some jelly beans for the road are always a good idea:

You'll find them at:
5-6 South St,
PO19 1EH

or call them at 1243788398

PS: From now till the 13th, the lovely people at RBK are having an offer of 2-for-1 burgers. Become a member here and enjoy the same great burgers with a friend for half the price!


  1. Aw! This looks so cool :) I live just near Chichester in Winchester, I was working there the other day and walked right past this place, next time I will pop in!

    Hope you are well, take care xx

  2. Sounds a nice little place! Get more of these sauces, they look interesting!




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