Friday, 15 October 2010

Happy National Mushroom Day!

15th of October is National Mushroom Day according to a tweet from Foodimentary!

I won't go into details about mushrooms, that would be too boring. But I am going to tell you about my relationship with them. When I was younger, I hated them. I would even pick them out from pizza which I loved. My mother tried repeatedly to convince me of their nutritional value, with no effect of course (I was a very highly opinionated child), and that would be for the simple, straight-forward white button mushrooms, let alone the - then - scary chinese, shiitake enoki etc mushrooms.

As years passed, however, my relationship with mushrooms blossomed slowly but steadily. I think at the beginning I started to taste them because I was too bored to pick them from the rest of the food. Firstly, I had one small bit. And then another, and another. Fifteen years later, mushrooms became one of my favourites. I like them in pasta sauces, as a pizza topping, or in salads, but I absolutely love them grilled on their own: with a bit of olive oil, lemon juice and salt, with no extras to disturb their nutty and earthy flavour.

Oh, and the best thing? They are highly nutritious, with no fat or cholesterol and low in calories, sodium and carbohydrates.

Enjoy! :)

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