Sunday, 10 October 2010

US Masterchef Final, Rustic VS Fine Dining

The thre judges: Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich and Graham Elliot

Given that I love food, I LOVE food shows. So I couldn't not comment on the US Masterchef final! The two finalists were Whitney, a 22-year old student and David, a 29-year old software engineer. Let me tell you, they were the two polar opposites in the kitchen. They had two hours to cook a three-course meal, probably the most important meal in their lives, given that there were 250 000 dollars and the opportunity to publish their own cookbook at stake.

Whitney chose fairly low-budget ingredients: black eyed peas, shrimp and turnips for her appetizer, chicken for her entree and white chocolate and raspberries for her dessert. David, on the other hand, leaned towards a much more extravagant meal: a scallop ceviche for appetizer, beef wellington for entree (That's Gordon Ramsay's signature dish!) and nectarine crepes for dessert.

Whitney less than 10 minutes before time was up dropped her chicken on the floor, and had to make another one in something like 7 minutes. And guess what? She won! She's proof that simple, home-cooked food, with clean flavours, if executed well enough can beat other flamboyant, intricate dishes found in fine dining restaurants. Of course, David's over-ambition may have played a role as well.

Whitney Miller, the Masterchef winner

Can't wait till her book is published! :)

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