Saturday, 19 February 2011

Black Swan (2010)

 Given the very impressive reviews the Black Swan got (in IMDb it scored a rare 8.5/10), I was very excited at the prospect of watching it. Indeed, I was not let down. Natalie Portman was perfect as the quiet, shy and very focused Nina Sayers, while she was complemented by Mila Kunis who played Nina's alter ego, Lily. The plot did not have any particularly unexpected twists (especially if you 've already watched films like Vanilla Sky), but it was certainly very well made.

Nina, towards the second half of the film decides to rebel against her almost-bullying mother (which I wanted to slap in the face throughout the film) and her protected life. She has sexual fantasies which involve Lily, starts screaming at her mother, and is (almost) capable of murder. However, the true tragedy of the film is revealed in the end, when the audience realizes that all the previous events, her fantasies and the murder of Lily among others, were in fact in her head. By that time, nevertheless, it is too late for Nina, and all that hard work and internal struggle with herself go down the drain. A definite must-see. 8/10

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