Sunday, 5 August 2012

Pizzaria Italiana La Sardegna Da Gino

This post is dedicated to anyone who takes their pizza seriously. Like me. So let me explain the deal with Gino's (for short). We decided to escape the overbearing heat in Nicosia with a weekend away to BH's holiday home in Paphos, and managed to discover the awsomest pizza in Cyprus, and the best I've tried in my 21 years. We went to Gino's. Although it is in the main road of Apostolos Pavlos in Kato Paphos, you don't really think much of it at first glance. It's not that elegant, neither does it look exciting. In fact everything is in the colours of the Italian flag which, trust me, is not that original for an Italian restaurant in Cyprus. However, Gino himself is Italian so he has to know something about pizza, plus it came very highly recommended by a friend who has been a regular there since she was a little girl, so we decided to give it a try.

They don't make reservations (too many people, too little time), so we arrived fairly early and waited for the host to greet us and prepare a table for us. We waited and waited, and then waited some more. In the end, we just caught a waiter and asked for a table for six. We waited a bit more and finally we sat down. It was small and crowded. We got the menus, decided on what we would get and waited. Waited, waited, waited. After two failed attempts and one successful one, we managed to give our order in. It goes without saying that there was quite a bit of waiting for our food to be served (BH looked at me with his sad puppy look and whispered in my ear "I'm hungry". I just wanted to give him a biscuit and a cuddle!)

After some more waiting, we were served. The menu was quite extensive, but BH and I settled for this salami and gorgonzola pizza to share (apologies for the quality, an iPhone camera can only be this good!).

At this point I should add that Gino is known for his enormous portions. We got the medium sized one, which probably looks like one of the extra large pizzas served in other pizza places.

 On top of that we got a bruschetta and some garlic bread (served in the form of a pizza) as starters. Needless to say that despite BH's appetite which is similar to the appetite of a black hole, there were some generous leftovers. Although he put up a serious fight, he was defeated by Gino. Nevertheless, the crust was thin and crispy around the edges, the cheese was bubbling, It was proper pizza. And we paid 11Euros per head. Yes, 11Euros for proper pizza in Paphos.

So, if you want to give Gino a try, and I most certainly urge you to do, arrive early, be prepared to wait, and enjoy incredibly delicious pizza among the locals (that's how you know the good places from the bad ones!), and away from the tacky touristy places down at the harbour.

You'll find it at:
70, Apostolos Pavlos Avenue,
Kato Paphos
(+357) 26933399

Enjoy! x


  1. i've been hooked to pizza since the day i moved to italy... nothing beats here but i appreciate as well in abroad :)
    xoxo, Haus of Gala

  2. this is probably the best one can do outside Italy ;)

  3. those pizzas look so mouthwateringly good! I want :)


  4. oh my lord! M, this pizza makes every pizza i've tried look like crap. i can't get over the SIZE of it. send me to pizza heaven. i love them and this looks SUPER YUMMY DELICIOUS. definitely worth the wait.



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