Thursday, 25 November 2010

Teenage girl arrested on suspicion of burning Qur'an - The Guardian 25/Nov/2010

This morning this article caught my attention. A teenage girl of 15 allegedly burns a copy of the Qu'ran. This is not a post to express my anger about burning the Qu'ran per se. I'm not a Muslim, nor a supporter of Islam. This is rather a post to express my sadness and dissappointment for a young girl who in the multicultural country she lives in (UK that is), has failed to show the minimum respect required to a sacred and religious symbol such is the Qu'ran, but assuming herself to be part of a civilised world.

People are different, and they always will be. They will have different opinions, attitudes and behaviors. You will disagree with them. You will argue with them. But if you disrespect them, you allow for them to disrespect you, and if limits are not maintained, the result would be quite simply a mayhem. And all this in civilised Europe.

So yes, I am dissappointed that someone was so provocative and disrespectful to a religion and a large group of people, although this of course would not be the first nor the last time. Nevertheless, my dissappointment can only escalate when the person in question is only 15, and she uploads a footage of the act on a social networking site such as Facebook to take credit for her action.

Youth is the future of every country. And this does not seem very promising at the moment.

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