Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Piece of advice if you are in university

After having a huge amount of work to do for university, and the deadlines fast approaching, Ihave decided to dedicate a post on revision/coursework advice for people in the same place as me. So, if you are loaded with work to do, please do yourself a favour and...

>Don't bring work back home, particularly during the Easter holidays which are so close to exam period. You won't manage to do the work. You won't. The best thing you can hope for is to do some work, but certainly not manage the amount you would if you stayed a few extra days at uni to finish them (or do a decent amount of work and then finish it off while at home).

>Leave PLENTY of time for assignments. They are far more time-consuming than they initially seem to be, usually because of endless hours of research in the library.

>Whatever kind of assignment you are writing up, do logout of Facebook. You'll save an enormous amount of time going back and forth in your Facebook profile and coursework. And let's face it: that notification can wait.

>Write down everything you have to do . For some reason lists have a relaxing effect when you have tons of work to do.

>When researching for a coursework, keep notes of everything you find. You will need it for referencing later, and there's nothing worse than writing an essay and having to go back afterwards to find and add the references.

Last but certainly not least, remember that those assignments are not going to be written on their own! (It's amazing how people forget this tiiiiny point)

...and now I can do myself a favour and follow my own advice!

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