Thursday, 11 August 2011

The Lip Balm Post

Due to some medication I'm taking for my skin problems, I have continuously chapped and dry lips. Inevitably, I became an expert in lip balms, and here's my report to you:

Stick de Levres by Uriage:

Bought it from my local pharmacy, this lip balm is colorless (ideal for everyday wear and wearing under lipsticks) and odorless. It's rich and slides easily on my lips, yet I have to reapply after an hour or so.

Body Shop's Cocoa Butter Lipcare Stick

My absolute favourite. Smells and tastes (!) delicious. It keeps my lips hydrated the longest and is creamier than the Uriage one. Also, it is very convenient that it is a stick. Although I love Body Shop's Born Lippy range, I hate getting lip balm on my fingers!

Korres' Guava Lip Butter

Although I love almost all Korres Products, this lip balm is my least favourite. It's thinner, it's in a pot and I don't think it moisturizes or conditions my lips particularly well. I also have it in Pomegranate which is tinted and it's much worse since my lips are chapped and the colour peels off! Nevertheless, thumbs up for the great flavours.

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