Thursday, 8 March 2012

Why YOU should stop Kony

Last night I was in shock.

I watched the Stop Kony video made by the Invisible Children organization; it made my blood boil and eyes water. If you haven't watched the video yourself, here's a summary of the main reasons you should join the efforts to make Joseph Kony famous:
- He is the leader of the LRA rebel group in Uganda, but does not support any political ideas
- All this time he hasn't been arrested (26 years that is), LRA has abducted more than 30 000 children from their homes.
- The children are forced to kill, rape and mutilate civilians including their parents
- The girls are turned into sex slaves
- The international community hasn't done much yet. That's why we have to.
- After repeated efforts by the Invisible Children organization, the US administration has sent 100 men (!) to help the Ugandan army arrest Kony, while of course spending thousands of billions trying to catch Bin Laden. It goes without saying that this is not enough.
- Kony has changed his tactics and is keeping a very low profile in order to avoid arrest.

This is the man we have to make famous
That's why we must make him famous. Every person in the world, male, female, young or old has to know his name, his face, and the atrocities he's responsible for. This is not an extract from a history book, this is REAL and is happening NOW. Don't ignore it because it's happening at the 'wrong side' of the world, just as the international community has done in so many other cases in the past. This is a horrendous crime against humanity, and it's imperative that Kony is brought to justice.

Are we all on board? If we are, here's what you can do to help:
- Share the video about Kony
- Sign the pledge to show your support
- Donate some money to fund the organization
- Buy the action kit which includes a Stop Kony t-shirt, Kony bracelet, an action guide, stickers, posters and button.
- Put up those posters, wear the t-shirt, the bracelet and stick the stickers wherever you think people are most likely to see them

In other words, raise awareness and put pressure on governments to take this seriously - it shouldn't just be a matter of oil for the global community to intervene.

In the unlikely case you are not moved by these stories and this cause, think about what would you do if those were your children.

Still no?

You have a heart of stone and you are a disgrace to the human race. Obviously.


  1. I can't believe no one has posted a comment yet! This just shows how little people know about this...keep talking to people about it, don't let him succeed! x

    1. The more people know the better :) x

  2. Make him famous! STOP KONY 2012!

  3. I've been reading about this campaign. He is horrid. Thanks for spreading the word.

  4. i feel the same way, and so strong about this.
    more people need to know and the shocking thing is that if this was in america or Europe everyone would know about it !



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