Friday, 20 July 2012

THE market

This is not the first time I’m going to sing the praises of markets. Even if they’re online markets, there’s still something magical about them: the time you spend looking around the produce which is often of better quality and much more diverse than what you’d find in an average supermarket, the people poking around, the buzz, it’s all so exciting! This post is about my favourite market: the Borough market. Honestly, the first time I walked in there I thought I had died and gone to Heaven. I don’t know if it was the food, the size of the market, the friendly people, the amazing produce, or a combination of the above. I was ecstatic.

Let me firstly take you through some of the produce:

all-you-can-get tomatoes

and all the mushrooms you'd need

asian tonight?

I get excited when I see cheese this size!
All kinds of herb-infused oils

curry toolkit

curry toolkit take 2

Kangaroo burgers anyone?

And if you're feeling a bit hungry...


...and my lunch of choice: oysters freshly shucked with a few drops of Tabasco to add a kick.

We also needed dessert, obviously!

Brownie bliss - confirmed by BH

However, what made me smile the most was finding this little baby: a tortilla press. I've been searching for one these for the past three years and finally my mission was accomplished. Expect a tortilla party.

Anyone else out there sharing my love for markets? Do you visit them often? Any thoughts? x

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