Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Pizza Metro - Notting Hill

A friend of mine raved about this place for so long I felt I had to go but whenever I went to London something came up and back it went to my 'to do', or more likely to my 'to go' list. BH, who apparently knows me better than I originally thought, took me there last Friday night as a surprise.

I expected one of the best pizzas in London. 
Hell, the country.
I got it at Pizza Metro. The place had a lovely warm, rustic feeling, the pizza was fantastic and by the amount of italian we heard in the two hours we were there, I think it's pretty safe to say that it is frequented by Italians, and Italians know their pizza.

But the best thing was their wood fired pizza oven; it's authentic, it's beautiful, it's pizza as it should be made!

We got one with authentic parma ham, rocket and cherry tomatoes, and another with olives, mushrooms and salami.The crust was really crispy as I like it (and as it should be!) and the toppings delicious.

Playing hide and seek :)

 ...and this is whatever was left. Nothing much.

Unfortunately our experience wasn't as nice as I had hoped. The service was... how should I put this nicely...
I didn't mind that they set the cutlery on the table the wrong way round.
I turned a blind eye at the grammatical mistakes and spelling inconsistencies in the menu (once a linguist, always a linguist).
But there's no excuse for having to spend fifteen minutes waving my hand in the air just to grab your attention to order. And looking at someone else when I'm talking to you certainly shows really bad manners.

Such a shame. Such great pizza, such bad service.

Nevertheless, if you are willing to ignore the service (you've been warned!), you'll find them at:
147-149 Notting Hill Gate
London W11 3LF

or call them at 0277278877

PS: For those with an allergy to running-around, screaming young children, please take note that the place is also frequented by families with said children.

First two pictures taken via pizzametropizza.com

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  1. That pizza looks SO GOOD! hahahaha I can see it through your pictures. LOL at the hiding pics. You guys are too funny! I've never seen such a fancy pizza place. The decor is lovely! Too bad the service was lousy, but I'm glad the pizza was delicious. Thanks for sharing this!



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