Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Pitcher and Piano - Nottingham

Last weekend I escaped the hustle and bustle of London and took the train to Nottingham to visit my friend A, who I don't see nearly as much as I'd like to. And this time I'm so glad I did.
I'm not going to go into the Halloween  festivities, or the amazing, cobbled-street town, but instead I'm going to introduce you to the Pitcher and Piano: A to told me that he was going to take me somewhere I've never been before: a bar in a church.

I thought he was joking.

He was not.

The ambiance as I'm sure you imagine was unique; I don't know if it was the archways, or the church windows, it just felt wonderfully different. Unfortunately we went on Sunday night so there wasn't much going on, but I do recommend you go on Saturday nights as they've got music and it turns more into the kind of bars we know and most of us love.

Nevertheless, if you can't go to Nottingham don't fret; there are other P&Ps all over the UK (with three in London!), and they also serve breakfast (which I regrettably missed), and light lunches for as low as £6.

For the one in Nottingham, which I highly recommend visiting (it's a bar in a church!), the address is:

    The Unitarian Church, High Pavement,
    Nottingham, NG1 1HN

    or call them on 0115 958 6081.

    I couldn't resist the odd Halloween photo! Happy Halloween everyone xx

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