Friday, 2 November 2012

The Kerb, the Ribman and the Kooky

Yesterday I was going to meet up with N, a friend of mine since our school years back in Cyprus.
She loves food,  I love food.
We were both in London.
I proposed to give Kerb a try, she accepted.

And this is how this story begins: we met up outside King's Cross Station and made our way to the colourful vans reminiscing about the old times (even if you don't know your way around that area, there are signs pointing to the right direction. Or you can just follow the crowd to King's Boulevard-the stronger the smell of food cooking, the closer you are).

Two minutes later and we're there. Given that we wanted to try everything, it was a tough call what to have for lunch. 
After about twenty minutes of discussing the matter (I told you, it was a tough call), we decided we'd go with The Ribman's famous rib meat rolls. I had mine with his famous Holy Fuck sauce:

It was mouthwateringly delicious and eyewateringly hot. I have no regrets though!
N was more on the safe side and had hers with BBQ sauce, although she repeatedly assured me that it was amazing.

Foodies as we were, we had to have dessert, so we turned our attention to Kooky Bakes and their Americana baked goods: whoopie pies, cupcakes, cookies, slices and sweet pies. 
We were sold. 
I settled for the last S'mores whoopie pie (from which £1.50 will go to Movember), although I did get a couple more for take away just in case...

If you'd love something a bit different and a bit more exciting than your usual lunch, don't miss Kerb! 

It's open Monday to Friday 11:00-14:30 and right at the beginning of King's Boulevard. The traders have a rota; no day is the same as the previous one, so it's worth checking them out on the day you're going.
After yesterdayI obviously have to go back to try out the food from the other KERBanists

For updates follow the Ribman here, Kerb here, and Kooky bakes here.


  1. oh i loved the food and the concept. What happens on rainy, cold days though?!?
    Try Anna Mae's mac n cheese when the opportunity comes.

    1. Thanks for the comment! Will do :) On rainy, cold days I suppose you wear warm clothes, get the food, and then run to the nearest shelter!



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