Tuesday, 10 April 2012

A box full of flavours: Flavrbox

I love food. Who doesn't? Understandably, I also love to try new things in the kitchen to spice things up. That's where the magic of Flavrbox comes in; a Bristol-based online marketplace with goodies from independent producers from all over Britain (which of course you wouldn't find in your average supermarket), available seven days a week, all year round, and you don't have to worry about rain either!

What's new:
While Flavrbox launched in November 2011 with only 16 producers, it is estimated that by the end of the year the producers participating will exceed 400, with the website selling a massive of 4 000 products. I dare anyone to argue that this does not translate to foodie heaven. However, now Flavrbox is taken to the next level with the Flavrbox Tasting Box: a monthly subscription service which brings to your door (at your home or office) a box with 5-6 food products (some award-winning!) from independent retailers for you to try.

Four guys who loved food and decided to make a difference in the industry by giving voice to independent retailers, and a chance for people to experience something different.

Meet the team: Noam, Simon, Seb and Ruben

Because you are bored of the same-old brands from the same-old supermarkets. Because you want something new, fresh, and of superior quality without spending a fortune. Because you want to know how it feels to cook with wild boar, venison and red wine salami, or to start the day with a cup of Tanzanian Kilimanjaro coffee, or to enjoy your burger with a dollop of Spicy Banana Ketchup on top. Because you want to support independent producers. Because you have a loved one who's a foodie lover, and this would make an excellent gift. This could be a very long list.

The boxes are sent the third week of each month via courier, and as soon as they are sent, you'll be notified so you can expect them. No, you don't need to sign upon arrival, but the boxes are tracked anyway to make sure you receive them.

How much:
Cupcake in a Jar - Turkish Delight
Lulubelles Cakes

You can sign up for as little as £15 (including delivery), with a monthly, six-month, or annual subscription. There are no hidden costs, you pay what you see on the page and that's all! If you opt for the monthly subscription, you'll be charged for the first month once you confirm your subscription, and from then on your card will be charged every month. If, however, you choose the six-month or the annual subscription, you'll be billed the whole amount up-front.

What if...:
You don't like what you get? In this highly unlikely scenario, Flavrbox people will still take care of you; you'll be offered a full refund or a replacement for a specific product you didn't like.

What if... (2):
You have particular requirements? The people who hand-pick the products will most likely be able to substitute some of the products in the box with other products more suitable to your needs. Just drop them a line at hello@flavrbox.com.

What if... (3):
You need to transfer delivery address? No problem, just let them know.

Quince and Cider Vinegar
Dressing - Fussels Fine Foods

You don't get to know what's in the boxes before you receive it. That's part of the fun! However, you could follow them on Twitter for any hints they may drop.

You are really making a difference: 80% of the global food trade is in the hands of five multinational corporations. Enterprises like Flavrbox are an opportunity for the independent retailers and for us as the consumers to get out of this tangled web of homogenized  and unhealthy food.

A cup of Osmanthus tea anyone?

Photos taken via flavrbox.com


  1. That's really neat! Everyone gets tired of the same ole stuff all the time and this is something that you can definitely look forward to receiving. :)

  2. Sounds very gourmet !!! All the best to the team!!!


  3. This is such a great idea!! Thanks for bringing it to my attention :)

    Heather xx

  4. Thanks a lot everyone for the comments and this lovely post :). The first box was dispatched and responses have been so impressively good :)

    Grab yourself one, give us feedback so we can improve it to make it even better!





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