Friday, 25 November 2011

Black Friday - yes! it's here!

The UK has borrowed from the US all kinds of traditions throughout history (see Halloween), and this time, it has given us one more reason to love the US - Black Friday (no nothing scary about it - apart from the crowds involved) hits the UK!

To any readers not familiar with the concept of the Black Friday, it is the day after Thanksgiving, when shops have HUGE discounts to kick-start Christmas shopping - I don't think I need to expand on the length of the queues outside...

Nevertheless, many retailers will be have discounts, with electronics giants Amazon, Dell and Apple (I know a particular reader will be happy to read this) among them. Widely loved Selfridges will offer a 20% discount with discount vouchers in-store until Sunday, while online retailers such as River Island will be offering free delivery throughout the weekend.

 Happy Christmas shopping ladies :)


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  2. Thank you :) of course I'll take a look :)

  3. Yaaayyyyyy! That's great to hear it's in the UK. I didn't know! :D



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