Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The Foundation Post

One of the most fundamental make up tools, foundation is the base of your make up, the canvas to your masterpiece if you will. Through the years I've tried on different foundations both liquid and powder ones. Liquid blends better and gives a more natural result (particularly if you blend it with your fingers rather than a brush or a sponge), while powder ones are perfect for those with oily skin and/or acne, as it is more matte (particularly if you get the matte version obviously) and allows the skin to breathe (which evidently translates to fewer new pimples).

First one up is MAC's Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation which you can get for £19.50 from MAC. 

Pros: It blends well, I liked the fact that it is both face powder and foundation so I don't have to load up my face with tons of unnecessary products and it comes with its own powder puff and compact mirror. Given that it contains Silica and talc, it manages to give a matte finish, and my skin wouldn't start to shine unnaturally after a while.

Cons: At times I found that I looked a bit too powdery -almost cakey- and I would only recommend it for medium coverage given that you use consealer as well.

Overall, not bad but a bit of a let down concerning the quality of other MAC products. 7/10

Next,  is the foundation I got from Mastic Spa. Mastic Spa is a range of natural cosmetics which have as their basic ingredient the elixir of Mastic, found only in the southern region of the Greek island of Chios. I think I got it for something like 20-25 Euros but they often had sales on anyway. Unfortunately I have no idea where you can get them these days: I haven't seen them at all in the UK, and in Nicosia their only shop closed down last year. Nevertheless, their foundation was probably one of the best I've used. 

Pros: Blends very well, gives a natural glow to the skin and is relatively lightweight for a liquid foundation. Out of the three, it gives the most natural finish. Moreover, it is more budget-friendly than the others, and having natural ingredients is always a plus. I think I must have bought it three times; until the shop closed down.

Cons: As with most liquid foundations, it is not recommended for oily skins. However, for those with acne, this foundation is one of the most skin-friendly and won't irritate the skin due to its natural ingredients. Nevertheless, as I've already mentioned, they are nowhere to be found in the market.

Overall, 9/10 because I've never used a foundation with such a good finish (natural but still glowing).

Last but not least, my current foundation: bareMinerals SPF15 Matte Foundation, which you can get for £25 from Selfridges or House of Fraser or online of course (although I would recommend that you go to the store and try it on first before buying).

Pros: Like the MAC one, it is in a powder form which is ideal for those of us who don't want to use too many products, since I don't need to use another face powder over it.What is more, if I have a pimple which is not too obvious, instead of using consealer, I just get a flat foundation brush and press slightly over the pimple, making the powder work as a consealer as well - so one less product used on your skin! Moreover, it gives a natural finish and doesn't block your pores. Plus, it has an SPF which makes it great for day use as well.

Cons: It is a loose powder rather than compact one like MAC's, so if you're not careful it can get quite messy. Moreover, to apply it you'll need a kabuki brush (also sold by bareMinerals, but I got mine from MAC), because sponges obviously don't work with powder foundations and a powder puff just won't do with a loose powder such as this one.

Overall, a reliable foundation, ideal for those with sensitive skin or those who don't like the feeling of heavy make up. 8/10


  1. I have just bought a new liquid foundation that illuminates the skin, It's lovely and fresh :)

    Love, Vanilla

  2. Which one? :)

    I think liquid foundations are better in making the skin glowing, but I have a break out-prone skin, so I'm sticking with my powder one for the time being :/



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