Thursday, 12 January 2012

Video showing US Marines urinating on dead bodies

It has not be verified yet if the video is genuine, but I'm not sure what would be more sick, inhumane, disrespecful, barbaric (this could be a veeeery long list): to know that this indeed happened and the 'freedom fighters' did one of the most sick, inhumane, disrespectful, barbaric etc etc things imaginable, or to know that someone else has such a sick, inhumane, disrespectful, barbaric etc etc imagination and used it to frame the marines.

The human nature never seizes to amaze and terrify me at the same time.

PS: I did not include the video because I thought it was a bit too graphic, but you can easily access it yourselves on youtube.

1 comment:

  1. When I heard about it, I thought it was beyond horrendous.



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