Monday, 5 August 2013

I follow you deep sea, baby

We're on an island. Islands are surrounded by the sea. So we went sailing.

The parents of a very dear friend, M, were kind enough to take us sailing with their boat, and it was a truly wonderful experience.

A bit late setting off (we like our sleep), but excited!

We set off and the waves were crushing against the boat, and the wind was blowing in our hair and the saline smell of the sea was filling our nostrils. I sat back and promised to myself that once I made my fortune I would get a boat as well.

Too many pictures of the sea?
You can't have too many pictures of the sea.

We were around Protaras/Ayia Napa area so we got a little bit closer and saw Ammochostos. It's that line of faint white buildings along the coast, see?

This is the closest we could go, but it was quite moving thinking how tall the buildings were - and in turn how developed Ammochostos was - forty years ago. It's even more moving thinking that since August 1974 when people fled the city amid news of the Turkish invasion, Ammochostos was reduced to a ghost town, and has remained like this ever since.

On a more positive note, our captain, Mr T, took us for a tour of the caves along the coast.

Not a very clear picture, but this is the chapel of Ayioi Anargyroi. The chapel was built in the past century by the Orthodox Church to show their respect to the three saints who spent most of their lives in the rock cave underneath the chapel. Nevertheless, I'm not sure how respectful it is for people to use the rocks to jump into the water and into the cave!

And that's around the time Mr T decided was time for a swim. M (who was practically raised around her dad's boat) dropped the anchor in a peaceful little bay, and it was puddle time!

It goes without saying that they were some of the cleanest waters I've ever swam in. And it was peaceful (you don't get that very often in Protaras/Ayia Napa). It was pure, turquoise bliss.

After some swimming, some snorkeling (M's mum actually found a baby octopus, which was left in peace of course, but was fascinating to say the least) and a lot of relaxing, it was time to pack up. 

When we arrived at the shore it was almost lunchtime, and after a very short (and frankly needless!) discussion we decided we were all hungry, and that we should go to Knights' Pub in Protaras for lunch and a refreshing beer.

Although a more detailed post will follow about my favourite pub in Protaras, here are some sneaky shots of our desserts.

Four desserts for three people, but they were worth every calorie.

Stuffed but happy, we drove back to hot hot Nicosia reminiscing about the blue of the sea and the coolness of the water.

Till next time, take care. :)

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