Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The Troodos Chronicles - Part 2

On the third day, we decided to go to Lofou - probably one of the prettiest villages in Cyprus. The week before, Fengaros music festival was organized there, which I didn't manage to attend to my disappointment, but at least I would get the chance to visit the village.

After walking aimlessly around the pebbled streets, we decided it was hot, and we were thirsty, so we made our way to Apokryfo, the boutique hotel and spa hidden away in the depths of Lofou. Traditional and beautiful, this cluster of old, stone-built houses is the result of the renovating work done by architect Vakis Hadjikyriakou and his wife Diana. Every detail was considered, and the staff were friendly and attentive and actually spoke Greek!

Apokryfo was tranquil and beautiful, but soon we had to take off.

Next stop: Kyperounda Winery. I developed a love for Cyprus wineries when I first started visiting them here and here. Now, Kyperounda Winery was one I wanted to visit, as (in my opinion) they make some of the best Cyprus wine. Their white Petritis is fabulous, and their rose is among my all-time favourites.

oak barrels specially imported from France and the USA

Although the Kyperounda Winery was a bit smaller compared to others but they produce a whopping 300 000 bottles a year and boasts a four-hectare vineyard at 1400m altitude, the highest in Europe. If you're around there, it's well worth a visit, and supporting Cyprus wineries is always a good idea.


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