Friday, 23 August 2013


If you like beer keep reading.

Brewfellas is one of those niche, little-known gems in Nicosia which (I would guess) has a select but loyal clientele, who knows what to expect and how to appreciate it.

The selection of beers can't even fit my frame!

Phanos was like a kid in a candystore.

Now, I'm not ashamed to say I know next to nothing when it comes to beer. 
Luckily, the guy who worked there did. So, I told him what I liked, and he recommended a couple or four of the vast selection available. The first two were Scottish, the third was Dutch and the last one's brewed by monks in Belgium.

I went for Brew Dog's 5am Saint amber ale.

Despite the cosy interior, it was too hot, so we sat outside and took some suitably out of focus photos.

I suppose every group of friends has a member who's near-bonkers...

 ...and an Alex.

If you love beer, you'll love Brewfellas. It's got the right booze and the right character. 

If you're more of a margarita/daquiri-drinking type, then I think you should skip it - there isn't much else served there apart from water and water is for wimps.

You'll find them at 7, Pygmalionos St, Nicosia towards the end of Ledra Street, or call them on 22264007.
Also, every now and then they change the beers they have on tap, so it's worth checking out their Facebook group and their website.


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