Friday, 16 August 2013


This is my first InstaFriday post! A recap of the last weeks in Instagram photos. Enjoy!

Great homemade lemonade at Kitron in Onasagorou St, and I always like that little mint sprig on top for that extra oomph!

Deep-fried zucchini flowers - one of the many specialties of my auntie: crunchy crust with a soft interior.

Doughnuts by my very own mum: ridiculously easy to make, and when I feel the sugar sticking on my lips I feel like a child again.

Sandy beach, crystal-clear water and good company. What more could one ask for?

At some beach bar in Protaras, enjoying cold Sotheby's among friends with the same soft spot for Blue Planet sunglasses.

Still in Protaras, only sitting under this beautiful bougainvillea, talking and feeling the cool summer breeze in our hair.

We also got to sail and swim in probably the clearest water I've ever seen. If you get the chance to go to the lesser-known, isolated beaches of Protaras, go. The water is a thousand times better and you don't get that itsy bitsy headache from all the noise.

At some point I had to come back to Nicosia. We went for a girls' night out with C to the Market Company. The barman was among the friendliest I've ever met, the design of the place was cool, but sadly everything else was quite disappointing.

Last but not least, breakfast food! Anyone who shares with me that little tingle of excitement when they crack open an egg and two bright yellow yolks pour out, raise your hand!

Till next time, take care. ;-)


  1. A bit envious of those delicious looking donuts! Could certainly do with one of those as a treat after the earthquake we had today! :)

    1. so sad about the earthquake :( I'll probably post a recipe soon about those naughty doughnuts ;) x

    2. Awesome! Looking forward to it! :D

      It wasn't too bad in terms of damage but another very recent reminder that our city is built riiiight on a fault like. I don't think I want to experience anything bigger than a 6.6 in my life time!

    3. Glad you're okay then :) xx



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